The Band


Lacey Cheryl Vocals A kinetic performer and absolute powerhouse vocalist/borderline impressionist, bringing equal parts soulful delivery and heavy metal power. And she’s a ballbuster.



Brian Penn Guitars, vocals As a boy, Brain loved it loud. He grew up wanting to shout it out loud, to rock and roll all night and to party every day. He got a guitar. He taught himself to sing. In 1996, he formed a band called “KICK.” Brian got his wish.


Greg Gioia Guitars, vocals Six-stringed righteousness. A stylistic chameleon. Capable of deftly leapfrogging from folk to thrash, country, funk and soul, often within moments, sometimes simultaneously.


Micke Mansfield Bass, vocals “If Geddy Lee, Dee Dee Ramone, and Flea brought Devo to Bruce Springsteen’s kitchen for a low-fi jam session, it would probably sound a lot like the music I hear going through my head every waking moment of the day.” – Micke Mansfield (2005)



Eddie Bast Drums, percussion, vocals  KICK’s Chief Executive Rhythmatist and purveryor of fine beats – organic, electronic, analog, and otherwise.