Parks & Towns

townsAsk any member of the band KICK to name what kind of show they enjoy performing the most and their response is invariably: Anything involving families.

Of the hundreds of diverse shows the band has staged over the past two decades, they relish most any opportunity to bring live music directly to children, particularly those who may never have witnessed a live concert performance before. Most band members being parents themselves, they keep an equal focus on entertaining the moms and dads as well, presenting the explosive cross-genre musical revue they honed at top venues from the Vegas Strip to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, emphasizing songs that encourage the two groups to meet on the dance floor together. Lead singer Lacey Cheryl spent 10 years performing at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks in Orlando, where she developed a unique ability to make every kid feel like a rockstar. The result can be outright giddy. There simply is no musical experience more interactive than a KICK show – children of all ages are encouraged to participate in games, in groups, onstage and even on the band’s instruments.

The band has been honored to perform at dozens of town greens, schools, parks, festivals, stadiums, and fairs across the Northeast over the past 20 years, counting many of these performances among the most personally rewarding. There’s something truly magical in a child’s surprise when he or she realizes they can not only keep the guitar pick or drumstick they were handed, but actually use it onstage to create a huge sound; or to watch a shy girl take the microphone, sing, and dance like no one’s watching (and eventually realize how much more fun it can be when everybody is watching!)

KICK firmly believes that live music is better, and hopes to devote as much of the year as possible proving that, visiting special communities interested in hosting an evening of inspirational, educational, adrenaline-fueled performances of all the best family-appropriate music from the past several decades to today.