Booking KICK

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Brian Pennington

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Why Book Kick?

KICK strives to be the ultimate entertainment value. Your booking them entitles you to the following band guarantees:

An evening of crowd-pleasing songs, for the precise duration of time specified, performed by professional, award-winning, master musicians and showmen.

Use of state-of-the-art equipment, lighting, and sound reinforcement throughout (not a cheesy rehearsal system propped up on your tables). The band takes its sound and visuals very seriously and, when appropriate, uses effects such as lasers, smoke, and strobe lights to enhance the auditorium-quality sound and lighting systems they use as a standard. KICK brings the professional production, staging, lighting, PA equipment, and visual effects seen in the band’s live video to every show (space permitting), and employs a staff of seasoned production personnel to run every show. Requests to adjust the show will, of course, always be heeded.

Songs targeted at the audience in attendance and their tastes. KICK has a repertoire of over 300 songs from the 50s through the new millennium, from 80’s classics to solo acoustic, rock, funk, and standards suitable for weddings, casuals, and social events, appropriate for all ages.

A band that respects the effort you put into your venue and decor. That means PA size, volume, light show, and stage set are gauged to complement – not overwhelm – your club and the environment you designed. Unlike some bands that simply use a venue to showcase themselves, KICK realizes their purpose is to send your patrons home with positive feelings of their night out, and delivers their show accordingly.